Palm Beach – Tzahar


Dear Partnership2Gether Family,


The current edition of Partnerships Up2Date has a special summer activity flavor and takes us to the Palm Beach – Tzahar (Tzfat-Hatzor-Rosh Pina) Partnership.


We meet this Partnership after two years of introspection which included a vigorous strategic planning process and exploration of Jewish peoplehood. In the first year, the Partnership developed a new vision and the past year has been dedicated to translating the vision into reality with rich Jewish-identity centered living bridge programming. The Tzahar-Palm Beach Joint Steering Committee convened in July. Read the impressions of Partnership2Gether Palm Beach Co-Chair Tami Baldinger.


The Partnership’s agenda includes creative programming highlighted in the following list and we encourage you to delve into the programs for some P2G inspiration and shared learning:




Other recent P2G Highlights include:


  • Trilateral Connections:

One of the most exciting developments in P2G in recent years, has been a growing list of tri-lateral connections – a very challenging yet incredibly rewarding Jewish peoplehood program:





Wishing you a great summer and please continue to share with us!


Chodesh Tov,



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