Broward Host Familes Enjoy Israeli Visitors – A Rhyming Thank You!

We wanted to share this special poem written by Jonathan Andron from Broward County.

The Andron family hosted two of the teens from the Nesher Broward County P2G Teen Delegation this summer. Jonathan read the poem at the summary meeting for the host families and the community shared this with us.

We thought that you would enjoy this.

Shana Tova – wishing you a wonderful year

Poem by Jonathan Andron

It started with a simple call and how was I to know
The changes for our family that we would undergo

“12 teens from Nesher, Israel are coming to the States.”
“we’re looking for host families and you are candidates!”

“Would you be willing for 10 days to house two of our guests?”
When we agreed, the nervousness began (yeah we were stressed)

The 3 boys we already have agreed to clean their rooms
We memorized the schedule as the coming visit looms

Excitement started building, Facebook friendships were in place
Sharon and Lidor chat online, we now can see their face

A week to go, host families meet to review the final plans
Of what the days to come would hold, our journey then began

On a Sunday in July we were waiting in the rain
For the limo to arrived that had gotten them from the plane

Finally! the kids are here we greet them with a smile
We start to show them all about our American lifestyle

A barbeque to start things off and a welcome at the J
And a chance to meet the counselors they would work with the next day

They were anxious to be sleeping and to rest their weary legs
But Monday bright and early they were up and cooking eggs

And after camp was Mexican food at Tijuana Flats
Families met at Jaxsons ice cream parlor after that

But the kids were not so tired as they were the night before
So we then gathered at the Sabra’s a night of music was in store

Tuesday was Israel day at camp and we learned lots from our guests
About the country they call home and the campers were impressed

Once again a gathering as we watch the evening clocks
This time a swimming party as we gathered at the Bak’s

Camp Day at the Marlins game, to see our new baseball park
Followed by a gathering at the Kurtz-Lender’s after dark

But in between a trip to our son David’s basketball game
We talked about our differences and what things were the same

The lizards did not shock them but the thing they’d never seen
Was squirrels running through the grass and sidewalks in between

Thursday up at 5am on a bus Orlando bound
Disney’s Hollywood Studios and a chance to look around

Pausing on the way back south to sample KFC
And a rendez-vous back up with us at the JCC

Friday was a special day because of what they taught
The campers celebrated a very meaningful Shabbat

Then as the dusk was settling, Friday services just for you
But you were not just watching but participated too

Dinner at the Sopshin’s home with our Federation friends
Lighting sabbath candles as the Olympic torch ascends

Saturday we all met again and headed for the shore
A beach day, sand, and sun, and fun was what we had in store

After sampling a slurpee to quench a scorching day
Half the delegation heads over to Rainforest Cafe

Sunday’s not for lounging there was shopping to be done
We SPENT the day at the Sawgrass Mall where everyone had fun

Dinner plans were scrapped as there was too much mall to see
Instead we dined together at the Cheescake Factory

A beautiful ice cream social was hosted by the Shrocks
The kids got to watch the sunset as they sat upon the rocks

Monday back to camp again and when the day is through
A night at the Agronin home for pasta (and swimming too)

Tuesday morning dawns and the end is getting near
As time together with them wanes I start to shed a tear

We cooked a meal at home for them and packed for the next day
How could 10 days go by so fast? The time just flew away.

Not a moment left unfilled the whole time they were here
Those busy days I would not trade and hold them very dear

The kids all pleaded “one more night” and we couldn’t tell them no
We didn’t want to either because we love them so

As we gathered that last night we hoped that it would never end
The families and visitors had become the best of friends

And not just with our Nesher kids were lifelong bonds created
But with the other families whose company we traded

A special goodbye breakfast I’ll remember til I die
The letter of thanks they read to me of course would make me cry

There are sometimes special moments you look back on when they’re done
You point at them with fondness and say “you know that was really fun”

Our lives were touched and changed forever by these two young men
Unanimous in all our minds we would do it all again

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