Operation Pillar of Defense: Program Ideas from the Jewish Agency Shlichim and Israel Fellows Unit

Code Red
1. Wear red shirts for any events.
2. Tag on FB a picture of yourself and your community wearing a red shirt: http://www.facebook.com/StopTheRockets
3. Wear and hand out red ribbons.
4. Hang red balloons.

1. Take pictures of yourself holding signs of support (“our heart is with the citizens of…”)
2. Open any event with a prayer/statement of support for peace in Israel.
3. Write letters for Israeli citizens.
4. Reach out to Israel programs members (Birthright, MASA, Year Course, Nativ, etc.) who are in Israel right now, and make sure they’re OK.
5. Connect current participants of Israel Programs with community members (through Skype) and ask them to share their experience.
6. Ask Israel programs alumni to show their support in Israel as mentioned above.
7. Connect with your alumni and ask them to show their support through social media, their local Partnership, etc.
8. Connect with your local Partnership (P2G) and seek ways to support the community.
9. Connect with your local P2G and ask the community in Israel to share their experience with your community members (possibly: Skype over dinner for leader in your community etc.)
10. Encourage your community members to donate to specific organizations in Israel. You can consult with your P2G for a list of organizations and programs.

1. Send out brief email to your list serve with very (!) few bullet points about the events.
2. Table and hand out flyers with facts, numbers and a small map of Israel.
3. Write editorials to community papers sharing your personal perspective of the events.
4. Connect with the local Israeli consulate (or other formal offices), know their plans (rallies, lectures, etc.), forward it on to your community and also invite their speakers to come to your community. Consulates are a great source for accurate information.
5. Send e-mail to parents and encourage them to talk to their children about current events so they can pass it on to their friends.

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