Arad-Tamar – New Jersey-Delaware

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This special edition of Partnership Up2Date focuses on the Arad/Tamar – New Jersey/Delaware Partnership. But before we delve into this special partnership, we want to share with you  “Operation Pillar of Defense” Overview and P2G Community Identification with Israel which includes many of YOUR  expressions of support for your P2G family in southern Israel. And this does not include it all…


And now back to Arad/Tamar – New Jersey/Delaware Partnership which takes us down south and back east and which has been bristling with activity since 1995:


  • Youth and Young Adult Connections

o   The Partnership’s P2G award-winning Eco Connection program links pupils in a shared educational experience focusing on environmental awareness in a Jewish context; the program has also been featured in the New Jersey Jewish News - Students make “Eco Connection” with Israel + “Green” course links kids in Elizabeth and Israel.

o   “Kefiada” and “Counterpoint Israel”: Kefiada is an English summer camp in Arad for children ages 9-12 with volunteer counselors from NJ-Delaware; Counterpoint Israel is a personal empowerment and Jewish values program for children ages 13-17 developed by Yeshiva University and implemented in Arad by YU students.

o   Arad native Abir Maliyanker served as the Jewish Agency’s Young Emissary to NJ. Abir’s mission became an experience of a lifetime proving once again that fewer things make a stronger impact than bonds between people.


  • Volunteers and Incoming Delegations to Arad-Tamar

o   A New Jersey and Delaware delegation took part in Arad’s 50th birthday celebration .

o   Seventy friends from Monmouth County met with Arad youth as they prepared to arrive in New Jersey for Hannukah.

o   Volunteers from NJ-Delaware enjoy the P2G apartment in Arad. Does your partnership have a volunteer apartment?


Empowering Israel’s Next Generation

o   Tzameret” Program: 10 high school graduates postpone their Army Service to take volunteer in community development activity.

o   Early Taste of Higher Education: 70 third to eighth graders participate in the Arad “College for All” center.


Some recent P2G Highlights from other Partnerships:

o   Beit Shemesh-Mateh Yehuda – Washington-South Africa: Makabim participant recalls Mea Shearim upbringing in visit to South Africa (Hebrew – Makor Rishon); Women’s Leadership Project (Hebrew – Radio Kol Hai)

o   Beit Shemesh-Mateh Yehuda – Washington-South Africa: A “How To” Video on P2G for Your Next Synagogue Mission

o   Nahariya – Northern New Jersey: Nahariya residents contributing to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts

o   Beer Sheva-Bnei Shimon – Montreal: Sephardic Community Delegation to Israel

o   Yokneam-Megiddo – Atlanta-St. Louis“Rubin Israel Experience” Young Leadership Delegation

o   Kiryat Malachi-Ashkelon Coast – TIPS and Western Region: Young Leadership Forum

o   Kfar Saba – Columbus: Israel “Teacher of the Year” Visits Partner Community and Franklin County Commissioner Paula Brooks Visits Kfar Saba

o   Eshkol – Mexico-Northeastern NY: Eshkol Hosts NENY Federation President and Mexico educators

o   Central Arava – Australia: Bird Appreciation Activity in the Arava


As Hanuka draws near, we invite you to view a touching video by Akko kindergartens in our P2G School Twinning Network at the Druze village of Kfar Yanuch in the olive season.


Keep on sending us your up-dates, articles, videos and more so that we can continue to share the good word in our future Partnership Up2Dates.


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