Kfar-Saba Hosting Residents of Southern Israel

photos taken during this week

Last week (18/11/2012) we were hosting in Kfar-Saba residents of southern Israel who has suffered so much recently.

Since last Tuesday, when shelling still took place, we have hosted 100 teenagers and families from Gan Yavne, 20 teenagers from Gedera that the local youth advancement unit is treating, and 100 teenagers from low socio-income status residing in Bnei-Aish . They were taken to a bowling, to the local malls, to the new petting zoo in the Kfar-Saba park, to swim in the local country clubs, to movies, to a museum, to games workshops, to an artist performance as well as to eat in local restaurants and to many more happenings. Special activities were held for them in the Municipality Youth Center.

Many local business, high-tech companies, restaurants, stores and artists joined our efforts and generously contributed to make good time for our guests.

One Ethiopian family from our neighborhood is hosting relatives from Ofakim, they have joined the gusts and a local store owner contributed swimwear, to allow them to participate in the country clubs activities.

One of the Ethiopian family with their new swimwear.

All our visitors told us that they truly needed some relaxation. They said they are highly distressed, scared and cannot perform daily routine. The working parents lost many days of work, and it was very difficult to occupy the young generation.

We hope that our efforts will be the beginning of a new era from all our southern residents.

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