Join P2G’s International School Twinning Network!

Partnership2Gether (P2G), formerly Partnership 2000, has, over the past 15 years, become the Jewish Agency for Israel’s most successful and effective model for building direct, enduring, and meaningful partnerships between global Jewish communities and communities in Israel. It is now the central platform for the promotion, empowerment, and development of deep connections among Jewish communities.

Why Join the School Twinning Network?

Connecting Israeli and Diaspora schools can:

  • Turn Israel from an abstract, distant concept into a real, live, vibrant place that is meaningful to the school’s community – students, educators, and parents.
  • Expand and deepen your community’s knowledge about Israel in general and about your twin Israeli community in particular.
  • Enrich and expand Israeli knowledge of and familiarity with Diaspora Jewry, and with the different pluralistic streams of Judaism.
  • Engage with issues of Jewish identity via a real, emotional connection with Israel and its people.
  • Create personal and professional long-term relationships between the twin communities, facilitating global Jewish cooperation in every sphere, now, and in the emerging future.

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