Windows to Memory Educational Curriculum – In Memory of Children who perished in the Holocaust

About one and a half million children perished in the Holocaust. Children who did not reach maturity and realize their right to live, to dream dreams, love, play and laugh.

The Israel Ministry of Education’s “Windows to Memory” curriculum tells you the part of the story of the Holocaust through the eyes and narrative of the artist Itzchak Belfer and other artists.

Through activities in “Windows to Memory”, you will be able to imagine and understand the story of the Holocaust which occurred at a different time, 1939-1945, and a different place, mainly in Europe.

During this project, you will experience three time periods: past, present and future.

You will examine different view points:

  • Subjective view points-How you feel? What you think? How the artwork affects you?
  • Objective view points-Information, such as the date of the artwork, the subject, name of the artist, information about the period in history

At the end of the activity, you will be asked to create your own personal painting dedicated to a boy or girl who perished in the Holocaust.

Download Curriculum from Israel Ministry of Education website

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