Hanukkah Videoconference with the Western Wall

Jews have yearned for Jerusalem throughout the generations. From wherever they were in the Diaspora, they always felt that Jerusalem was their home and aspired to be there. Because of our desire to connect even those who do not have the ability to come to the Western Wall, and to provide thousands of Jews around the world with an emotional, ideological, and visual connection with the Western Wall, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation runs educational programs using advanced technology to reach hidden emotions.

In real time, hundreds of youth from around the world have joined 50,000 Jerusalem Day celebrants at the Western Wall Plaza; youth from Young Maccabi lit Chanukah candles in Jerusalem sending the light to their friends in London; campers from a summer camp in New York read lamentations with us on Tisha B’av, combining the ancient and the modern in front of the stones of the Western Wall in a direct broadcast.

The videoconference program of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation allows Jews in Israel and around the world who cannot get to the Western Wall to unite and undergo an extraordinary, unmediated experience at the Western Wall and its Tunnels, interactively and in real time, from wherever they are.

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