Dear friends and partners,

Every year the youngest children and the babies in every family sing “Ma Nishtana” (What has changed since last year) in the Sedder ceremony. This question which every organization and society must ask themselves annually and so do we is why this Passover different from other Passovers? There is a variety of answers. Some of them are connected to our decision to focus on issues related to Jewish identity and some are connected to new activities we have recently started such as a charity events and Tikun Olam delegation. You can read about these activities in the web-posts which deal with the question title– Ma nishtana? Another answer to this question exists in fact in everybody’s
heart and in the relationships we have with each other. In this year, as well as the past yeats, we are witnessing new friendships which were born during our activities. For instance, Talia from Beer-Sheva and Ali from Montreal who first met during the mission to Ethiopia are saying now that their new friendship must not be taken for granted. We wish that all our future deeds will connect people like that.

Happy Psssover,

Partner Ship Beer sheva-Bnei-Shimon and Montreal

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