Programs for young adults and students

OTZMA (“strength” in Hebrew) is a leadership and service experience program in Israel, that offers Jewish adults ages 20-30 an opportunity to live and volunteer in a variety of settings for either 5 or 10 months. As part of the program, participants spend 3 months in the Partnership regions all over Israel. Clevelanders get to spend those 3 months in the region of Beit Shean, where they volunteer in schools and initiate afternoon activities with children, youth and adults of the region.

Participants get an apartment in the region, and each one of them also has a host family, with whom he or she can have Shabbat dinners or just talk at the end of a long day. When the volunteering period is over, participants stay in touch with people of the region, and feel that it is their second home.

Onward Israel is a summer internship program. As a part of the program, Clevelanders are invited to spend a few days in Beit Shean region – volunteer with local students, be hosted by local families, learn about the characteristics, challenges and beautiful views and people of the region.

Birthright trips to Israel also offer Clevelanders a visit to Beit Shean region – where you can volunteer, meet local youngsters and families, and learn about the beautiful views and people of the region.


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