Despite Sandy…

After more than half of a group of members of the suburban temple Kol Ami stuck in Cleveland because of the storm Sandy, part of the group who left the United States a few moments before the storm arrive to Beit She’an and met with volunteers and activists of the partnership Beit Shean- Valley of Springs- Cleveland for a desert reception for conversation and mingling. Shimshon Barzani a Group member from “friends” of the partnership lectured on the Menorah – the national symbol / Jews and with singing along the meeting went much longer than planned and it seems that there’s always something to talk about with friends.

The next morning the group visited “Tomer” school, the students prepare a warm welcome when they were greeted by singing and reading warm words of the special relationship that the synagogue has with the school for many years. Principal Isaac Rahamim and staff worked hard to allow this meeting and declared that the English class of the school will call on the memory of the Rabbi Bram. The group held a ceremony in memory of Rabbi Bram.

The group said that “… those who were staid home lost the trip twice, once not to go on Vaction and the second, they missed the visit to the wonderful city with wonderful and warm people ” Lisa Kollins the Director of Congregational Life at Kol Ami ensured that the rest of the group will arrive in the spring to visit Israel, Beit Shean and for sure “Tomer” school.

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