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Beit Shean is a city in the North district of Israel which has played an important role historically due to its geographical location at the junction of the Jordan River Valley and Jezreel Valley. More about the history of Beit Shean…

Mayor of Beit Shean is Jacky Levy. Beit She’an was the hometown and political power base of his father, David Levy, a prominent figure in Israeli politics. About 18,000 people live in the municipality.

Valley of Springs is a regional council in northern Israel that encompasses most of the settlements in the Beit Shean Valley. Each Kibbutz and Moshav has a fascinating history.

Mayor of Valley of Springs Regional Council is Yoram Karin. About 13,000 people live in the sixteen Kibbutzim and six Moshavim located in its municipal territory.

Tourists from all over the world and Israel arrive to Beit Shean, to tour the impressive dig site and learn about 5,000 years of history. And there’s more to see and taste in the region – parks and springs; delicious meals on the home hospitality project; unique agricultural farms and sites, such as Eden farm or Bio Bee;  beautiful private gardens and collections; fascinating people who tell the stories of the region and its history; etc.

Transportation: The main means of transport in Beit She’an is the bus, and the city is served by the Egged buses for long-distance (bus 961 to and from Jerusalem) and Kavim for short-distances (411 and 412 to and from Afula).


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