Partnership2Gether Honors Longstanding Chairs, Welcomes New Volunteers


In an annual event at Ness Harim’s Pichunka restaurant in early November, the Jewish Agency’s local P2G family gathered to honor Co-Chairs from Beit Shemesh, Mateh Yehuda and Washington, who helped define and steer the Partnership’s course in recent years.

Danny Taragan (CEO of Bagir), Gael Grunewald (JNF deputy chairman), and Wendy Rudolph, former P2G Chairs on behalf of Mateh Yehuda, Beit Shemesh, and Greater Washington respectively, all shared memorable Partnership experiences. In his spontaneous TV-host-show style, current Chair Ruku Soffer challenged his colleagues to compare heading the Partnership with running a business, and sought advice on how to achieve more hits when his name is Googled… Ra’anan Dinur, former Israel 15 Chair and Beit Shemesh resident (CEO of Ta’avura & Tifzoret) was invited to contrast the development of regional initiatives with handling matters for Ehud Olmert. Mor Tsohavani who served as Education and Youth Chair shared observations about juggling P2G responsibilities with being a young mother. All honorees emerged intact from the experience…

Among those assembled at the event were a wide range of residents of Beit Shemesh and Mateh Yehuda – religious, secular, ultra-orthodox, women, men, immigrants, veteran Israelis, kibbutzniks, and moshavniks.

In the second part of the evening the new P2G team structure was unveiled. Four new team leaders presented briefly: Estie Solomon (incoming delegations) Yishai Bashan (outgoing delegations) Chaim Danino (leadership) and Howie Gordon (school twinning). Co-Chair Gidon Even Ari  presented the community building team and Ruku Soffer spoke about the media team. The audience responded enthusiastically to the call to volunteer, and over 30 people registered to join the new teams!

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