Ethnic Recipes

Women’s Empowerment is a major issue in the economic development of the Beit Shemesh-Mateh Yehuda area.

Several innovative programmes have become national and internationally famous, including “Ethnic Aroma Food Festivals” in overseas communities. Each of the Israeli women who travel abroad bring with them their rich ethnic culinary flavor as well as a personal story to relate. A story that brings them from countries far and wide, with different cultures, heritage and skills. A story of trials and tribulations, service and sacrifice – a story of their contribution to their communities in the Beit Shemesh / Mateh Yehuda region and to the State of Israel.

They bring to you a Festival and a Feast – “Ethnic Aroma”

Recipes from The Delegation To South Africa

Recipes from The Delegation To Washington 2010

Ethnic Aroma In Dc 2011 Cookbook



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