“Resilience Center”: NENY Provides Safe Haven for Eshkol Trauma Counseling

On the frontline of Israel’s border with Gaza, Eshkol residents have long suffered from shelling aimed at disrupting their day-to-day lives. The Eshkol Regional Council provides counseling for residents who need a “safe emotional haven” to help cope with the stressful situation. Eshkol’s “Resilience Center”, however, was built before bomb-proofing was the norm in the area. It suffered a direct hit in 2008, and since the escalation of shelling from Gaza in 2012 provision of service became very risky, leading many of center’s clients to forego treatment. The NENY Federation recently stepped in to help, funding one third of the cost of construction of a new, bomb-proof facility – Eshkol’s residents now have not only a safe emotional haven, but a safe physical haven as well!

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