Safe Internet Day in Eshkol

On February 3, 2011 net@ held an activity on the topic of “Safe Internet Day,” which has become a tradition at the Nofei Habesor school in Eshkol.

The activities for this special day were conducted by pupils participating in the net@ program in Eshkol for all 7th-grade pupils (a total of 115 children), and lasted for three hours.

The program started with the children in separate classrooms, and during the first hour there was a presentation and clips on the subject, giving the day a “like” from everyone.

During the second hour there were active workshops where all the pupils worked on making a clip about safe web surfing and describing suitable behavior for each situation – the activity led to interesting discussions in the classes.

During the final hour everyone gathered in the auditorium for a summary of the day’s activities, where net@ students gave tips for safe web surfing and held a closing trivia contest, “The net@ Screening Room” – a game to test the knowledge the pupils had gained during the course of the activities in the form of a contest between the classes; the winners were given “krembo” treats.

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