Young Leadership Group

On Sunday February 6, 2011 a Young Leadership group attended an ODT activity in Ariel as emissaries of Partnership 2000 Eshkol.

This group was started by the Jewish Agency and the Eshkol Youth Division as part of Partnership 2000 Eshkol – Mexico – Northeast New York.

Members of the group meet every two weeks and one of their main tasks is to establish relationships with parallel groups of young people in our partnership communities of Mexico and Northeast New York.

Together they decide on various community projects for youth that will be implemented in one of the communities.

An integral part of the process to train and empower the young people participating in the group was an activity day that took place at the Leadership Development Center in Ariel, which operates as part of the Ariel Municipality and in conjunction with the Education Ministry’s Youth and Society Administration.

Ariel’s National Youth Leadership Development Park is uniquely structured and is considered on of the world’s best training centers.  It was built by the American company “Alpine Towers International,” considered an international leader in the construction of ODT facilities, both in terms of the outstanding level of its activities and high degree of safety.

Needless to say there is no other facility like it in Israel!

At the Development Park the group had to perform several tasks, some on the ground and some in the air, but all had just one goal:  Group cohesion and illustrating how leaders behave and what people need to become a leader.

Attending the activities that day were:  Keren Wasser, Stav Yalon, Dror Tzelner, Shahaf Alon, Daniel Ehrlichman, Amit Melchior; Shimon Gav was the group instructor.

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