“My Place is Yours” Exhibition

On Thursday, 3 March 2010, a “Coffee and Art” encounter was held at the Mexico-Israel Cultural Institute with Mexican artists who participated in the Mikomi Mikomcha exhibition. Surrounded by artworks, the artists gathered in the wonderful building that houses the Mexico-Israel Cultural Institute.  After hearing about Partnership 2000 and viewing a short video, in which four Israeli artists talk about this very special joint exhibition with Mexican artists and about the feelings that their participation in it elicited, the Mexican artists shared their experiences with us.

Within the framework of Mexico-Eshkol Regional Council partnership activity, and with the participation of the Jewish Sports Center and the Mexico-Israel Cultural Institute, 15 artists from the Eshkol area and 15 Mexican artists were invited to take part in the Mikomi Mikomcha exhibition.

The highly original idea behind this unique exhibition called for the formation of 15 Israeli-Mexican artist pairs.  Each artist was asked to choose his/her favorite place, photograph it, and send his/her partner the photograph with an explanation of why that particular site was chosen.  Afterward, each artist painted his/her partner’s favorite place, as an exercise in mutual understanding and empathy.  The results of this exercise were the paintings displayed at the Mikomi Mikomcha exhibition.

The idea was conceived by two artists, Ziva Yellin, director of The Gallery at Kibbutz Be’erii, and Dvora Levinson, then director of the Pedro Gershon Gallery at the Jewish Sports Center; both women had participated in two earlier exhibitions organized by Partnership 2000 when this unusual idea came to them.

It was very exciting to see the interaction that developed between the artists as they exchanged information, stories and family pictures.  Most of them are still in touch with each other, thanks to the feelings of friendship engendered by the shared experience.

The exhibition was held first in Israel, at The Gallery at Kibbutz Be’eri in Eshkol and at the Beit Elim Gallery in Ashkelon; in Mexico the exhibition has so far been mounted at the Jewish Sports Center, at Kehillat Magen David and at the Mexico-Israel Cultural Institute.  The exhibition is also scheduled to be shown at San Pedro Museum in Puebla, where it will be open to viewers from 24 March to 30 May; from there it will go to Valle de Mexico University’s Tlalpan campus, where it will be on display throughout the month of June.

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