Jewish Heritage Study

Two groups – one in Kfar Saba and one in Columbus – will examine and discuss various topics related to Jewish heritage and tradition. The groups will meet for ten monthly meetings to be held in the evening hours. The topics will include: religion and the State; the status of women / discrimination against women / the prohibition of hearing a woman’s voice in public; Orthodox versus Reform; Israel and the Diaspora; Zionism versus Judaism; etc. Through the examination and discussion of issues related to Jewish heritage and tradition that are relevant to both groups, the participants will on the one hand increase their knowledge of Judaism and on the other hand will get to know the participants in the other group and also the partner community.

The process of identifying and selecting candidates – men and women, secular and traditional – for the Kfar Saba group will soon begin!

The project is aimed at individuals up to the age of 50. The meetings will take place approximately once every month, on a weekday evening.

In addition, the group will work to implement an annual event of organized volunteer activity in the community: Hanukah, Tisha B’Av evening, Kabalat Shabbat, Rosh Hodesh, etc.

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