Acharai – Follow Me!

The core program of the “Follow Me!” organization is a preparatory course for military service. The course combines physical and mental preparation for military service with young leadership training. The course is aimed at 16-19 year olds. The activity is led by certified counselors who receive special training from “Follow Me!” and have command experience from the IDF. The counselors get to know each participant individually and they constitute an important role model for the participants.

The course is run on an annual basis, from the beginning of the school year in Grade 11 until being drafted into the army. There are two activities each week during the afternoon hours. The activities include physical training and classroom instruction for teaching various types of material and for group discussion. The program also includes activity in the field, leadership activity, visits to IDF bases and outposts, volunteer work in the community and enrichment activity, such as field trips, workshops, parent-child meetings, orienteering, sport days and recreational evenings. The physical training is based on a formal program that is meant to prepare the youths according to a scale of accomplishment, without causing physical injury. Each counselor receives guidance from a professional physical fitness advisor. “Follow Me!” has been in operation in Kfar Saba for more than eight years and is supported by the Kfar Saba—Columbus Partnership and its volunteers.

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