Educational Bridge

The Educational Bridge program strengthens ties between children and youths in Kfar Saba and Columbus. The goal of the program is to create a connection between Jewish kids in Israel and the Diaspora in order for them to experience the daily customs and lifestyle of the other community.

The Educational Bridge program connects between two elementary schools in the city (Brenner and the Shilo State Religious School) and two schools in Columbus, as well as between the Rakefet State Religious kindergarten and a parallel kindergarten in Columbus.

The program includes the exchange and sharing of knowledge, ties between teachers and the exchange of delegations.

Various topics are discussed in each of the schools. The pupils work on projects that they choose and the results are presented in the schools of the partner community.

In addition, there is a connection between the Daniel moadonit and a kindergarten in Columbus. Several times a year, prior to the Jewish festivals, the kindergartens celebrate the holidays together through videoconferencing and the children send presents and handicrafts to each other.

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