Young Partners

This is a leadership program for youths (graduates of Grade 9) from Kfar Saba and Columbus that strengthens ties between the youths and the community in which they live and between youths of similar age in the two communities.

Structure of the program:
a. A summer in Israel during which the group from Kfar Saba hosts the group from Columbus for three weeks. The activities are related to Jewish heritage, Jewish-Israeli identity, volunteering in the community and touring the country.
b. During the course of the year, each group volunteers once a week within a framework of their choice and there are virtual get-togethers between the groups.
c. A summer in the US during which the group from Columbus hosts the group from Kfar Saba. During the visit, the Israelis learn about the way of life in Jewish communities in the Diaspora and in Columbus in particular. They volunteer together in charitable activities and tour the area.

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