Kfar Saba – Columbus Kindergarten Web Conference

This year a new kindergarten joined the education bridge program which links two Kfar-Saba schools with two Columbus schools.

Yesterday evening we had the pleasure to jointly celebrate Hanukkah in the Rakefet (meaning cyclamen) religious kindergarten and the Torah Academy kindergarten. The children from the two sides of the ocean lit candles, sang Hanukkah songs and danced.

They were so curious, and it raised many questions: how is it possible that it snows in Columbus and in Kfar-Saba it is extremely hot? How can it be that children in America sing Hanukkah songs? Why here do we greet the children in “good evening” and in Columbus in “good morning”? Why do we say “Nes Gadol Haya Po” – A great miracle happened here, and in Columbus “Sham”?

Partnership director Avi Kagan even taught the Kfar Saba kindergarteners to say dreidel.

Gifts between the kindergartens were exchanged to conclude the evening.

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