Kiryat Malachi – Young Adult group

In 2009 a young adult leadership group was established in Kiryat Malachi,  which set the goal to initiate municipal activities for young adults (ages 22-35). The group also aimed to actively strength social activities for young adults in the city and create an environment that would encourage them to continue living in the city. The first core members of the group participated in a leadership workshop and professional training. As part of its activity, the group is a resource center for information subjects such as employment, culture, education, higher studies and housing. 

In the past 4 years, some of the members have changed but of the 15 active members currently, 5 have been there since the beginning. The group has a coordinator who assists the group members in carrying out the various projects vis-a-vis the municipality and other institutions. The group meets once every two weeks, but they keep in contact daily, promoting initiatives, forming new connections etc.

Among the initiatives led by the group, we can see social and entertainment events like beer and sing-along gatherings, open sports events screening for the wider audience, and entertainment shows. Members also were involved in the issue of affordable housing for young adults in town and on 2012 the group also lead a conference meeting with all organizations in town that deal with the needs of young adults and then following up regularly with these groups to coordinate programs effectively.

One of the outstanding initiatives is the “Young Adults in the city” discount card. Currently over 500 young adults in Kiryat Malachi have the card and they can get discounts of up to 20% at 49 local businesses that recognize the card. The card strengthens the local economy by encouraging the young adults to make purchases in town. The group also implemented a meeting   for municipal businessmen in order to encourage them to give discounts and be part of this initiative.


“Young adults in the City” discount card in the media  (15:00)

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