Practicing Hebrew with Friend’s Journal

Friend’s Journal is a unique monthly newspaper in easy-to-read Hebrew that is written by partnership kids about different topics in their life.This new initiative is an easy tool for the Hebrew teachers to practice Hebrew with their students, as they learn about the partnership and about Israel (lifestyle, culture), and most importantly they “meet” partnership kids their age, a beginning of a new partnership.It’s a project of sharing, learning and connecting together.

 5 steps to the project (for teacher\ education director)

1. Choosing topics.

2. Class task\ choosing 3-4 students that will write the text (3rd -6th grade from one of the partnership schools, every month different school). Taking pictures of the students.

3. Check Grammar, Vocalize the words and design the PDF with the photos and the texts.

4. Creating a list of all the Hebrew teachers in the US community and send the PDF every month.

5. Good luck!

April’s friends journal:

View Phoenix Journal -PDF

View Seattle Journal – PDF

View Tucson Journal- PDF

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