Partnership2gether Steering Committee-May 2013- Successful Recipe

From the evening of April 30 through May 2nd, the annual budget meeting of the (TIPS) Israel Partnership2Gether was held in the town of Kiryat Malachi and the Hof Ashkelon county regional center.  In addition to the co-chairs, Joan Mollen from Phoenix and Dalia Burgana from Kiryat Malachi, two steering committee members represented Tucson, Gila Benjamin and Oshrat Bar-el, the future shlicha to Tucson , two traveled from Phoenix, David Weiner and Ethan Bindelgas and three attended from Seattle, Amy H. Paquette, the Federation Community Outreach manager, and volunteers Lorna Isenberg and Dina Tanners.

 Also four from Hof Ashkelon, Revital Lavy, Amalia Lewin, Nava Gal,Roni Keidar and six from Kiryat Malachi, Dvora Attal, Moriah Ben David, Eddi Yoseph, Shalom Eldar, Talli Itzhak, Yossi Peretz  and four Israeli staff members.  Thanks to the Israelis who hosted many of the visitors in their homes and to Joan and Dalia for ably leading the meetings.

The first evening, to get reacquainted after a one-year hiatus, we divided into two teams and held an “Master Chef” competition. The two teams were led by the two co-chairs and in 90 minutes had to come up with an appetizer, salads, main dishes, and a dessert.  The two teams, dressed in special Partnership aprons and chef’s caps, outdid themselves and the dinner was amazingly delicious.


The following day, led by consultant Uri Barner, was devoted to reviewing the current needs of the 5 communities, the successes and challenges facing each communities and our partnership,  and developing a plan to provide direction and focus to future projects,  and especially in the people-to-people arena focusing on target audiences and measurements for success.

With the results of that very productive seminar, the next day was devoted to using the results to reaffirm our core projects in Israel for the coming year and express our preferences for people-to-people projects in the coming year.  The five core programs that we will support in Israel include:

  • Youth Leadership Councils in both Kiryat Malachi and Hof Ashkelon
  • A mini-soccer sports league for teens (boys)and 3 basketball teams for girls that has proven to           reduce delinquency and increase regional pride and cohesiveness
  • An umbrella organization for teens and the Arts in Kiryat Malachi which in these troubled times has brought pride to the town, increased respect for teens, a reduction in delinquency, and a core leadership group.  The dance troupes and the bands have gotten regional and national recognition. Army graduates have returned to the town because of the arts available.
  • A young adult leadership program in Kiryat Malachi that has made the city more aware of the need of this significant population and plans to partner with the group to help retain young adults in the community


A number of people-to-people projects were proposed including:

For Phoenix:  a parent/teen 5-day trip to Israel for boys to join the mini-soccer teams

                         A JCA leadership mission to the partnership region in Israel

                         Family-to-family twinning through a creative, interactive book

                         A young shaliach to enhance Israel programming in Phoenix

For Tucson:

                      A continuation of the successful speaker program of last year

                       Art City Band—4 member outreach to teens, young adults, and more

                       A family adventure in our partnership region of Israel

For Seattle:  a continuation of our summer counselor program with greater outreach in the community

                        Family-to-family twinning through a creative, interactive book

                         Second year of speaker series

                        Art City Band—4 members outreach to teens, young adults, and adults through songs that

                        are available in both English and Hebrew

Also, Hof Ashkelon is planning to participate in a three-day hike on the Golan trail during next Pesach vacation (just before Passover) and is inviting anyone in the Jewish communities of Tucson, Phoenix, and Seattle to join them.  Visitors would be hosted for a few days before the event in private homes in Hof Ashkelon.   Also, anyone from your local Jewish community who is planning to visit Israel is invited to visit either Hof Ashkelon or Kiryat Malachi and spend a day with a local Jewish family there and gain a forever friend.    


For more information, contact your local Israel representative, Benjamina Menashe as the Seattle Jewish Federation, Shahar Edry at the Phoenix Jewish Community Association, and Guy Gelbart at the Tucson Israel Center. 

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