Welcome 2013 Madrichim to Seattle JCC Summer Camp


Shani Zaban was born on Feb. 10, 1995 so is 18 years old. She was born in the city of Ashkelon but moved with her family to Moshav Nir Yisrael in Hof Ashkelon 5 years ago. She is in the Performing Arts HS in Ashkelon and loves theater. She also loves to bake. She may be able to teach other teens how to bake desserts for different Jewish holidays. She could also talk to her peers about the differences of living in a city in Israel and on a moshav, even though the moshav in no longer mainly agricultural. She enjoys running, bike spinning, tennis, basketball, and volleyball. She hopes to be a sports leader in the army. She doesn’t eat beef except for hamburger.

Yosher Sirmakesh will be 18 on June 7th. He is a senior in the public non-religious secondary school in Kiryat Malachi and is also 18. One side of his family was originally from Turkey. Three years ago he spent a month at Camp Gesher outside of Toronto along with 6 other Israeli teens. His “major” in high school is physics and electronics, and he built a robot. He plays basketball and soccer. Yosher was nominated by his peers as one of the outstanding teen volunteers in town. He volunteers by tutoring other youth in his school in the sciences and has created a science leadership group in his school. He is a guy with a sparkling smile. He likes to eat, especially beef! On September, he will begin a year of national volunteering, either in Kiryat Shmona or in Hatzor in the northern Upper Galilee. He hopes to create a science leadership group in schools and encourage more youth to focus on the sciences. Yosher hopes to become a doctor—or a pilot .

Tomer Antman was born on May. 27, 1995. He is a senior in the Israel Arts and Science Academy in Jerusalem where he boards during the week. Teens from all over Israel and also abroad study there. Tomer indicated that his English improved dramatically after living with a fast-talking Australian roommate several years ago. He also knows Spanish. He is fascinated by biology and hopes to be accepted in a paramedic unit in the army. His other choice is to be in a search-and-rescue commando unit. Tomer has lived in at least 3 places in Israel. He also lived in Santiago, Chile for 2 years. His father works for Toyota and his mother was a teacher but is getting certified to be a guidance counselor. After returning from Chile, his family lived in Modin for about two years, but his parents decided they wanted a more rural life style. So they moved to Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, just north of the Gaza Strip, a year ago. Tomer loves the outdoors. He is gun-ho for sports and enjoys running exercising, basketball, soccer, American football, and also rugby, which he played in Chile. He likes listening to music and also has been a DJ and edits music. He loves being out in nature and camping!

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