A Visit with Partnership Flavor

Seattleite Margot Kravette came to our region in July for a unique experience that combined culinary tastes, ethnic cuisine and encounters with special women from our partnership.  Margot asked to come for three days to learn different Jewish ethnic recipes, and through cooking get to know the women and about the partnership through the women who would teacher her. On the first day, she met with Dovrat Horen from the village of Nitzan in Hof Ashkelon (a bit north of Ashkelon) and they baked ethnic deserts together including Arak cookies. 

On the second day, Miriam Tas, a recently retired nurse in a Beduin town who lives on Moshav Netiv Ha’asara, taught Margot how to make Yemenite Kubaneh and chicken soup.  In the evening, women from the second group of cooks who went to the US three years ago and some P2G steering committee members gathered for dinner with Margot.  She had a wonderful time sharing the food she had cooked and tried other tasty dishes brought by the women.  While visiting with Miriam, she learned the story of Netiv Ha’asara and also added mosaics to the peace wall dividing Israel and Gaza. 

The third day after a tour of Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, she went  to Kiryat Malachi, where she met the teens at the  Art City music and recording center.  Then she learned about Moroccan and Tunisian cooking with Tami Hassan.   After this intense three-day visit, including being hosted overnight by women in the area, Margot feels that she has gained a family in Israel through the partnership.

See pictures and recipes for the three kinds of cookies at Margot Blog

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