Hof Ashkelon Youth Club

Project Goals

* Creating a pleasant place with a sense of belonging for youth.
* Creating and executing youth activities.
* Supplying answer for free time and creating alternatives.
* Connecting the youth and creating unit pride for the council.

All youth activities are constructed and formed wishing to enable youth to act for youth, by giving a toolkit for youth in creation, leadership and production for success. Therefore we invest our time and efforts to create the proper conditions in order to enable them to dream and reach the skies.

Youth plenum (youth council)

In the youth plenum there are 16 youth aged 9-12 grades. The settlement  representative is elected by youth in the settlement in a month-long election process and in the end he joins the regional youth council. The council is escorted by a coordinator who guides and escorts the meetings out of understanding the importance to turn the representatives into influential leaders in the community. In addition, two Nahal soldiers and coordinator escort the council, as well as the youth department staff who implements the educational process.

These meetings emphasize the group empowerment, tools to form the youth daily timetable, dealing with dilemmas, creating and implementing projects. The meetings are conducted twice a month and deal with group building, unification, social values, tools for activity, advertising etc. The council’s main goal is connection and interaction between settlements and creating of council unit pride. The meetings are conducted in the youth club at the regional community center, and for this we use the transport layout for the participating youth for gathering and dispersing at the settlements.

 Regional youth evenings on the last years that organized by the youth council:

* Hannuka party the first event led by the youth council! 180 youth participated.

* “Youth – where to? “Convention - organized and implemented by the council’s youth council. 80 youth from the Kibbutzim, moshavim and Nizan attended the convention. During the convention, all participants discussed various subjects interesting youth from various populations, contributing to the community, sport, free time activity, youth movements, activities in the settlements, arts and crafts, activity during emergency, Judaism and connection to communities abroad, the council’ trail. At the end there was a plenum and each group told and presented its conclusions and wishes regarding the various subject.

* Fesiweekend- 150 youth participated in a white night between 9:00pm-4:00am. The event took place at the community center and included workshops, such as: laughter workshop, balloons, belly dancing, Capoera, food stalls, youth bands performance and common singing.

* Trips, Leadership workshops, lectures and music concerts.

And also the group from Haachim school in Kiryat Malachi sent a film about their life for their partners from Temple Solel:

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