2012- 2013 school twinning program

One of our school twinning programs is Yachdav: the School-to-School Virtual Mifgash Program. This program aims to cultivate meaningful connections between Jewish upper elementary grade students in Israel and in the Jewish world outside of Israel. The basis of these connections is in getting both groups in touch, through a mutual learning experience, with what they have in common – Jewish content and values – while at the same time, giving them the opportunity to explore each group’s own unique identity as citizens of different cultures and countries.

Yachdav is a part of the curriculum for one fifth grade class in each of 2 schools in the partnership. Morasha religious school in Brechya is twinning with Beth Israel Religious School, Phoenix, AZ and Haachim school in Kiryat Malachi is twinning with Temple Solel, Phoenix, AZ.

One example for exchanging items between the schools is “Israeli” masks that the group from Kiryat Malachi made for their partners in the US and sent to them for Purim.

  • Also, as part of the program, the group from Temple Solel sent a film for the group in Kiryat Malachi about their life:
  • And also the group from Haachim school in Kiryat Malachi sent a film about their life for their partners from Temple Solel:

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