Kiryat Malachi Young Adult Group – “Good Deeds” Day

On March 5th, the Kiryat Malachi young-adult group, decided to bring some color to the Kiryat Malachi commercial center and to improve the public space. The idea was that this area, located in the middle of the city, is the face of Kiryat Malachi; so we need and want it to be pleasant and pretty. A person’s first impression is mostly built from the first thing that meets the eye, so together With students from Achva College they also volunteered and made a change!

The young-adult group enterprise was part of Good Deeds Day (“Yom A’maasim A’tovim”), an annual event that originated in Israel in 2007 and now takes place in over 50 countries worldwide. On this day volunteers renovate and paint old buildings and reach out to the less fortunate.

Hila Kordana, member of the Kiryat Malachi young adult group that lead the project said at the end of the day: “the outcome was amazing, the respond that we got from the community strength our feeling that we chose well” she also got a SMS at the of the day that worth the hard work: “Hi this is a Kiryat Malachi resident, I just wanted to say thank you for what you did today in the city center, Congratulations on the spirit of volunteerism and action”. She also shares with us what happened to her a few days after the Good Deeds day: “As we were walking there we saw a group of kids sitting on the floor, near our paintings.” We ask them, “Why are you sitting on the floor?” and they answered, “The painting makes us feel good, so we are sitting close to it.”

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