Hof Ashkelon and Kiryat Malachi

About Kiryat Malachi

* Kiryat Malachi is located on a plain about 15 miles east of the Mediterranean, an hour drive from Tel Aviv, Beersheva and Jerusalem.
* Kiryat Malachi was founded in 1951 to bring labor to the surrounding agricultural communities.  The population is very diverse. The original immigrants came from Jewish communities in Morocco, Libya, Yemen, Romania and more later came from Iraq, Buchara and other parts of the FSU, and Ethiopia. 
* The population in Kiryat Malachi is mostly young  (over 50% are under 18). 
About Hof Ashkelon
* Hof Ashkelon is a regional council (similar to a “county” in the US) composed of 21 rural communities, mainly moshavim and kibbutzim, that number 15,000 residents.  More than 3000 residents moved to Hof Ashkelon from Gaza after the Israel pull-out in 2005.  It stretches from just north of the border with Gaza to just a bit north of (but not including) the city of Ashkelon.
* In 2011 the council was declared  environmental green council. The council promotes recycling projects and implements a unique program “the honey comb” aimed at planting of nectar rich plants in order to bring back to nature.

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