Partnership Projects

* Over 300 visitors from Seattle, Tuscon and Phoenix visit our region annually, including three 8th-grade day school classes, Birthright groups, community tours, and smaller groups.  Individuals often come also to make personal connections.
* Artists, ethnic cooks, a children book author and a peace activist are part of the people recently sent by the partnership to share their talent, tell their fascinating stories in the communities over seas.
* Art City program in Kiryat Malachi, supported by the partnership, personally and socially empowers youth active in the areas of music and dance.
* The Kiryat Malachi Youth group gives the youth the tools, resources and opportunity to gain the tools needed to become leaders and work toward making significant change in their  community. During Operation Pillar of Defense, they helped gather more than 30 local teens to lead activities for children in the shelters.
* The Hof Ashkelon Youth club creates a pleasant place with a sense of belonging to the region and positive alternative activities for free time for youth.
*The  “Sport for all” program in Hof Ashkelon is comprised of two parts. First, a boys’ soccer league was created for teens for an outlet for stress with the rockets falling, to give them a sense of community,  and also to prevent inappropriate behavior.  A basketball team for young women was also created.
* The Art project and Calendar, where children from the American and Israeli schools create drawings after listening to an Israeli song.  The best entries from each of the 5 communities are included in a beautifuly- illustrated calendar.
* Each year the partnership sends 4 youth counselors from Kiryat Malachi and Hof Ashkelon to the summer camps in US communities to provide a special Israeli experience in the camps.
* The Yachdav program connects a school in Hof Ashkelon and one in Kiryat Malachi with fifth grade classes in Phoenix around Jewish peoplehood while making joint products and learning together.

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