Yoga2Gether in Ofakim-Merchavim

Five yoga teachers from MetroWest spent a week volunteering with Ofakim-Merchavim women, seniors and children, whirling up a silent but intensive storm of activity! “I’ve just had the most life-changing week I could ever imagine,” says yoga teacher Mindy from New Jersey.

The yoga project started three years ago and features professional ties between yoga teachers from Ofakim-Merchavim and MetroWest. Last year four yoga teachers from Israel went to MetroWest to learn about the Partner community, picking up new yoga techniques geared for classroom implementation along the way. Olga Skilrik notes how the visit helped her use yoga to improve the atmosphere in school and to identify and assist children with attention deficiencies.

The driving force behind the innovative initiative is Leslie Gurland, New Jersey business executive by day, and yoga enthusiast in her free time. The “yoga bug” led her to initiate the first delegation of what now has become a platform for extensive people-to-people connections which promotes good health along the way.

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