Ramat Hanegev Mayor Rifman in Vietnam to Sign Academic Cooperation Agreement

Ramat Hanegev farmers grow a wide variety of crops and are achieving impressive success that has turned Ramat Hanegev produce into the most sought after in Europe. With the help of the Israeli Government, the JNF and North American community donors we are providing wide support for research and development that conveys extensive Knowledge and support to farmers in Ramat Hanegev and around the world.

For over 8 years, the council has been operating a project to pass on the knowledge we’ve acquired to South-East Asian nations too. Students from Vietnam and Myanmar stay with us for an 11-month period in which they work and study and ultimately return to their countries of origin with the knowledge and technology they have acquired.

Currently, some 350 students are studying here and we anticipate that, in the not too distant future, 500 students from additional countries will join them.

We came back from a recent trip to Myanmar and Vietnam where we met the organizations and students expected to arrive in Israel this summer. During the visit we signed economic and academic cooperation agreements, including an important agreement with Hai Fong University whereby studies in Israel will award credit points for a degree.

“The climax of the visit, for me,” says Mayor Shmuel Rifman, “was the rare opportunity to meet the freedom fighter, and Nobel peace prize laureate, Mrs. San Su Chi, now a member of parliament, at her house in Yangon. As a long-time public figure, I have met various world leaders. I have no doubt this was the most moving meeting in my life, an historic meeting.

I had the honor of being the first Israeli public figure to meet San Su Chi openly and formally. I told her all about the agricultural training project, and she expressed her appreciation and asked me to do what I can to strengthen relations between Myanmar, Israel and Ramat Hanegev. I took her up on her request and promised to extend the current operations and even build a demonstration farm in Myanmar”.

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