Young Adults Center In Ramat Hanegev

The Young Adults’ Center in Ramat Hanegev was established for the purpose of addressing various needs of the targeted population, i.e. young adults aged 18-25. The Young Adult’s Center serves as a home for the young adults in the region, and as a fertile ground for young adult activities and initiatives in the Council.

The center was designed to be a meeting place that creates a cohesive regional young adult community, which emphasizes connectedness and interaction among the 1800 young adults who live in the Council’s villages.

The Center advances initiatives, young leadership, and the overall advancement of young adults.

Our goal is to encourage self fulfillment in the region, as we firmly believe that by involvement and influence in the community in which the young adult lives, it is possible to link him/her to the area, thus encouraging high quality and influential young adults to settle in our region.

The Center will act to fulfill the individual potential of the young adults, and will provide them with guidance, counseling and empowerment in the following areas: employment, entrepreneurship, higher education, social involvement, culture and leisure. All of these are intended to provide them with the optimal conditions to stay and live in Ramat Hanegev.

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