Denver Mayor’s Visit to Ramat Hanegev

Photo: Menashe Levy

Photo: Menashe Levy

A senior delegation from Denver, Colorado, headed by Mayor Michael Hancock, arrived in Ramat Hanegev on Tuesday, Oct. 22nd, 2013, as guests of the regional council.

The 12-member delegation includes businessmen and key members of the Colorado Jewish community with which we have been in partnership for the past 13 years. The delegation is touring Israel for a week and stayed in Ramat Hanegev for two days.

In the reception for the delegation held at the Desert Agro-research Center in Ramat Hanegev, Shmuel Rifman, council mayor, said, “The visit is another significant step in strengthening ties between Ramat Hanegev and the Denver Jewish community. However, it also contributes to the image of the State of Israel since this is an opportunity to introduce elected officials and leaders to the beautiful face of Israel, its scenery and achievements in various fields of science and technology in which Israel, in general, and Ramat Hanegev, in particular, are global leaders, including water technology, solar energy and desert agriculture.”

The delegation visited the Ramat Hanegev R&D, desert research institutes and a winery where they tasted some of the region’s vintage produce. They took a tour of the Ramon military base and met with commanders and soldiers. They also drove along the Egyptian border where they received an overview of the military and civilian challenges along the border. The visit ended in a festive meeting in Shivta attended by council department managers.

Update: Mayors Michael Hancock and Shmuel Rifman signed a partnership agreement for economic, technological and scientific development during Rifman’s followup visit to Denver.

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