The Idea is to have a 5 months partnership between individuals in Rosh Ha’ayin and New Orleans for the purpose of improving the health and wellness of each individual participant as well as working in a group and bonding with the second group overseas.

The exchange will be maintained remotely via Internet, email, Skype, etc.

There is an option of a competition like the Biggest Loser; the winners will be the ones to visit the other community. The individuals will have a chance to meet, in person, to share their triumphs at a “Fit 2gether” exchange event that will include healthy living seminars, sporting events, group fitness classes, etc. Individuals can focus their exchange activity on one, or more of the following; Weight loss Stress reduction Physical fitness ( i.e.: training for an event like triathlon, bike race, 1/2 marathon, etc) Blood pressure and cholesterol management.

At this point, the process of choosing a facilitator has started in both communities.

The Target Population is Adults, 8-10 from each community.

Program goals and measures:

  • Individual improved lifestyle while at the same time creating people to people connection sharing a mutual target.
  • A Fitness2GETHER exchange event will create exposure to large number of people in the Jewish and Non Jewish community in New Orleans and Rosh Ha’ayin who will attend.
  • Better understanding and knowledge regarding life in Israel and in Rosh Ha’ayin as well as life of the Jewish people in New Orleans.

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