Partnership2GETHER Health Professionals Exchange

This program is designed to enhance the substantial ties created between professional or experienced emergency, medical and health professionals from the partnering communities.

New Orleans and Rosh Ha’ayin / Israel are threatened by emergency situations.

New Orleans is prepared for a mass casualty event due to natural hazards as storm Katrina. The State of Israel is prepared for a mass casualty event that may occur for security reasons.

The communities can collaborate and share knowledge in emergency preparedness. We propose to hold a seminar for emergency medicine professionals, integrating the fields of social work professionals, nurses and doctors, who specialize in these areas.

This field can help the Jewish community in NOLA and RH’s preparedness through community operations as well as municipal level.

The program is planned to take place in NOLA and might be continued by a reciprocal visit to RH afterwards.

Target Population: Social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, nurse doctors etc.

The municipality has a doctors’ leadership group, which can be taking part in such an initiative

The visit is planned for summer 2013 and will include a three-day conference/ professional seminar, and 3-4 days of touring and community involvement in the area of NOLA.

Follow up Component and measurable outcome:

  • Structured and unstructured continuing connections (including elements of Jewish identity and peoplehood, as well as professional). Beit Midrash can be used.
  • Knowledge of the challenges of Jewish life in the US and Israel will be apparent, and continued to be discussed between the groups upon return.
  • Increased correlation between the experience and the involvement in the community of each participant, in P2K and in Israel related activities (measuring using interactive forms/ surveys/ questionnaires) – including volunteering actions.

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