Kabala & Mysticism

Operated by the International Centre for Zfat Kabala, founded by the Partnership

Program description:

The Zfat Kabala Center implements tourism programs based on Zfat’s historical Jewish gift – the birthplace and home of Rabbi Issac Luria Ashkenazi (also known as the Holy “Ari”), originator of the Kabala. The Centre attracts close to 30,000 visitors each year, who seek to learn and experience the Kabala, as well as celebrate special events such as Bar Mitzvah or Jewish holiday related events.

Program update July 2011 – summer 2012:

Kabala Centre is doing very well in providing special tourism experiences to approximately 30,000 visitors, contributing to the unique spirit of Zfat. Visitors are international, Birthright participants, youth, school students from Israel and abroad, soldiers, B’nei Mitzvah, and more… As always, the Centre is assisting the Partnership in producing relevant events and hospitality, such as Kabalistic Bar Mitzvah celebrations to participants of the Bar Mitzvah project, hosting youth groups from St. Petersburg, and almost every guest and group from Palm Beach.

The Centre is working hard to improve its location and facility; moving to a designated central place in the old city is one of its primary goals.

Adherence to the Partnership vision and strategy:

The centre responds in part to the Partnership’s vision and strategy by providing experiences in the region, dealing with Jewish culture, touching thousands of participants from all over the world through Jewish content relevant to our region, and helping us create and enrich the relationship between Palm Beach and the Tzahar region.

The Centre has a greater potential proving living bridge services.

In consideration of the quality versus quantity of participation in this program, the emphasis is mostly put on extent of service rather than its depth. More courses and learning services are needed to balance between the two.

This is the program’s 6th year of operation. Gradually, it can achieve financial independence, and a phase-out strategy of Partnership funding has been approved by the SC last year.

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