Ethnic Tourism – Jewish Soul Food

As of this year – an independent cooperative, operated by the participating women.

Program description:

This program has enabled a group of women from the Tzahar region to undergo a significant empowerment process over two years, resulting in the establishment of a registered and successfully operating culinary cooperative that preserves ethnicity and traditions. Coming from marginalized low-income families, the women are constantly working towards reaching financial independence, yet in the spirit of being a co-op – they have become more connected to their community.

Program update July 2011 – summer 2012:

The cooperative is operating independently, producing hospitality events and catering to tourists in the Galilee – either on a personal hospitality experience at their home or hospitality event in nature, hotel or other community facility. The group has worked hard to save money, so all 9 women of the co-op could travel to PB and take part in Yom Ha’atsmaut events. This major production enabled multiple community organizations and members to engage in Partnership activity, including JCC, congregations, schools, families, and Federation groups. In addition to bringing the Region’s flavor to Israel in the City Event, the women cooked and baked for Shabbat dinners, Annual Campaign night, challah baking at school, belly dancing and Moroccan night, Havdala, spice workshop, and more…

Being so colorful and such a beautiful success story, this program is getting a lot of publicity – on television and newspapers.

Adherence to the Partnership vision and strategy:

Without the aspect of bringing Israel to PB – the program does not respond to the Partnership strategy and vision. The co-op has achieved financial independence and obviously will continue to host our guests and delegations, regardless of Partnership funding. In that sense, it provides a unique experience in the region through which it contributes to strengthening connection between partners and communities.

This is the 3rd year of the program operation.

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