Bridge to Education

Operated jointly by the Living Bridge coordinator (Chaim Possick) and past Community Shlicha Shlomit Zimering; working with CJE in PB, Young Shaliach, and educators at Meyer Academy and congregational schools.

Program description:

Bridge to Education is a platform connecting professionals, young children and adolescents on both sides of the ocean, using creative educational methods and themes. Through 3 distinct projects, meaningful and enriching relationships are formed and strengthened, while Israel and the global unity of the Jewish people is brought to life and awareness at classrooms.

The three projects included are:

  • School Twinning – connects between teachers and students from twelve classes on both sides of the ocean through annual educational plan, which is developed jointly by the coupled classes.
  • PJ Library – a shared book and related Jewish themes and values are learned in kindergartens and preschools on both sides of the ocean, while exchange of creative work and experiences takes place throughout the academic year.
  • Grade 8th Meyer Academy – hosting the class in the region for a meaningful experiential weekend and participation in Yom Ha’Shoa ceremony, while in preparation for the visit relationships are formed and nurtured between G. 8th students from Zfat and G. 8th of Meyer Academy. The two groups participate in joint activities throughout the program in the region.

Program update July 2011 – summer 2012:

Thanks to the professional leadership acquired last year, this program has finally achieved success and revitalization. Twelve classes (6 from each side of the ocean) have engaged actively around an academic program tailored specifically to the classes’ needs and interests. Moreover, a delegation of Israeli teachers visited their colleagues and partner schools in PB, and together they brought to life their virtual and long-distance relationships. Following the visit, three more classes have expressed an interest in joining the twinning program.

Participating teachers undergo professional development on issues pertaining to Jewish education and Jewish leadership throughout the year, and twice in a seminar format (in Palm Beach and in Israel).

In the PJ Library, “Flat Joseph” has completed his journey among the kindergartens of the Tzahar region, following his journey in PB preschools. His journey journal and album has returned to CJE… children on both sides of the ocean have read the story and studied related educational themes. Professionals are planning on new ventures for young children this year.

Eighth grade students from the Meyer Academy and the Begin Secondary School in Tzfat enjoyed a wonderful shared experience throughout the region, combining the experience of Yom Ha’Shoa, exploring the Galilee and the region, and a special Shabbat in Tzfat with Livnot and the Kabbalah Center. Next year it is expected that 45 students from Meyer will participate in the program.

Adherence to the Partnership vision and strategy:

The educational platform for creating a living bridge between Palm Beach and the Tzahar region is the ultimate platform to make a deep impact on children, adults, and hopefully as the program develops – on families as well. There is an ongoing dialogue between partners, and the relationships are nurtured with creative and enjoyable experiences as well as with opportunities for growth, enrichment and enhanced knowledge about Judaism, connection to Israel, traditions and values.

This program meets almost all aspects of the Partnership’s vision and strategy. It invests in building a shared and thriving Jewish future, preserving Jewish culture, strengthening relationships and Jewish identity, enlarging circles of engagement in the Jewish communities on both sides of the ocean, doing so both on a qualitative and quantitative basis.

This program has been revitalized last year, although historically operated in the Partnership for 4 years.

PJ Library

PJ Library

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