Livnot u’Lehibanot (Build and be Built)

An independent organization; Partnership supports specific peoplehood activities.

Program description:

Livnot U’Lehibanot provides a deep and significant experience for young North American Jews who come to the region for various periods. The organization gives the youth a significant Jewish experience and connection with Israel through:

  • Community service and volunteerism in various Tikun Olam projects.
  • Love of Israel – traveling in the Galilee, connecting with nature, historical sites
  • Limud – Learning human, value-based, ecological Jewish studies from Jewish sources and relevant literature.

Livnot operates other programs as well, however strengthening Jewish identity among young adults and their connection with Israel is their main purpose.

Program update July 2011 – summer 2012:

Livnot continues making an impact on lives of hundreds of young Jews, and increasingly looking for ways to connect them with young Israelis, as a method of enriched experience of Israel. They are serving approximately 200 participants annually, however the potential is much higher. Livnot also hosts all of our guests – youth or adults, providing them with meaningful opportunities to connect with the region (e.g., archeology and preservation of the region, Hevrutot and Jewish learning in nature, musical and spiritual Shabbat, tours in old city ).

Because the Partnership believes very much in the work and mission of Livnot, it has allocated 25,000 dollars for strategic planning, so Livnot can increase the number of its participants, improve their marketing and branding, and find ways to run their organizations more effectively.

Adherence to the Partnership vision and strategy:

The Partnership strongly believes in the unique work and spirit of Livnot!

The formula of community service, Jewish learning, and connection with the land of Israel has proven to be highly impactful on the identity of young participants. What Livnot does perfectly adheres to all that our vision and strategy strives to achieve.

However, it is clear that Livnot needs a clear and implementable strategic plan to help them operate more effectively, reach-out to a greater audience around the world and improve their branding, marketing and recruitment. Yet, although the Partnership has allocated funding for a strategic plan – this has not yet materialized.

The Partnership has been supporting Livnot for 16 years.

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