Young Shaliach

Program description:

The Young Shaliach stays for an entire year (and hopefully can commit to two years) in the partnered community, during which he is responsible for bringing Israeli culture into the community, collaborating with multiple communal organizations and serving diverse populations through schools, community centers, synagogues, youth movements, federation, young leadership groups and more. Because of the economic crisis, the Israel Program Center in PB has been closed; ever since, the contribution of the YS became even more needed.

Program update July 2011 – summer 2012:

The steering committee decided to have two YS in PB in order to promote living bridge between the two communities and assist the Israel and Overseas Department with Israel programming as required.

Ofer Avigdori and Chen Amir have worked together on countless projects and events throughout the community. The contribution of the YS is also highly evident in the partnership work such as with School Twinning, Bar Mitzvah, and Ethnic Tourism – where he played a central role in implementing the community wide program around Yom Ha’atsmaut celebrations and the women’s activities in the community.

Adherence to the Partnership vision and strategy:

The YS is responsible for increasing awareness to Israel and the Partnership. His work definitely promotes the Partnership vision and strategy, including strengthening Jewish identity, bringing culture and traditions to life through programming, enhancing leadership in the community, strengthening connection between Jews from both sides of the ocean – and much more….

This is the 10th year the program is running in our partnership.

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