Hosting Delegations

Program description:

One of the main partnership goals is to attract and increase the number of Jews from PB who visit Israel and the region, providing them with a meaningful experience that strengthens their affiliation with the Jewish community and the Jewish people altogether. All of our guests are exposed to programs, meet volunteers and residents in the region, and enjoy the beauty of the Galilee that our region is blessed with.

The Partnership funds in part the hospitality of guests from PB, individuals, families or groups; each receive a special hospitality program tailored to their needs and interests.

Program update July 2011 – summer 2012:

This year we have been blessed with many visitors and hospitality programs; although we always strive for more… over 230 visitors from Palm Beach were hosted by the partnership in the past year, giving them a personal and intimate experience of Israel. Many of our guests are exposed to the partnership program and to Federation’s work overseas.

One of the main hospitality programs we have been working on is the clergy initiative through which we hope to reach out to members of all congregations, exposing our partnership and potential opportunities for collaboration. In addition, we hosted the athletes of the Maccabi Games from the JCC, March of the Living, Beit David delegation, Temple Judea delegation, Temple Bet Am, Sam Liebovitch with Jeff Klein, Bente Lyons, Rabbi Alan Sherman, a group of nearly 40 youth from St. Petersburg (Moreshet program), which made us all think we should consider creating a triangle of connections with this third community our Federation is tied with. We also hosted Barry Feinberg, Lou Solomon and the campaign department team, Hal Klein and his family, Erna Liebovich & Elaine Lazarus, Suzan Sunkel, and Robin Kluge who celebrated her Bat Mitzvah with us. For Lisa and Brian Seymour, ELP, who visited us during Yom Ha’zikaron, we organized a reunion of graduates of Be’Yachad program (young leaders from PB and Zahar who met in St. Petersburg to celebrate Seder Pesach for isolated elderly). The reunited group also had a discussion on programming relevant to young leaders in our partnership. And we still expect more guests this summer…

Since the JCC culture delegation has been canceled, it is recommended to work with the JCC and tailor a hospitality program that is unique for JCC members, including culture, film and theatre, art, and adult Jewish education.

Adherence to the Partnership vision and strategy:

Increasing the connection between Palm Beach and Tzahar members is at the heart of the Partnership vision and strategy . The aim is to increase the number of visitors and deepen their experience in the region and with Israeli partners.

Although our guests always have a special time in the region, there is still a lot we can do to improve our hospitality programming in the area of follow-up and maintenance of relationship with visitors, and in producing marketing material to make available in PB; one of our goals is to develop hospitality lines and themes of experiences in the region, such as mysticism and spirituality, outdoor and advantage in the Galilee, ethnic and cultural, etc.

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