All in the Family: Living Bridge Coordinators in the Tzahar Region

After five years of service as a Living Bridge Coordinator in our Partnership, Bat El Trabelsi, a borne Zfat, is leaving and moving on to work with Masa students in Tel Aviv as well as continue her academic studies there.

Bat El, a graduate of the Partnership Youth Leadership program of 2002 – TLI, has grown with us and helped establish and further develop our work. As the Madricha of the Israeli Ambassadors, she will visit Palm Beach in Hanukah while guiding the delegation in their overseas program. This will also be her way of saying goodbye to the many friends and partners she bonded with over the years…

Though we are sorry to say goodbye to Bat-El, we are delighted she will be replaced by another graduate of our Youth Leadership program of 2000; the very first year we started our youth programs! Maytal Benbenishti from Rosh Pinna is an eleventh generation in the region. Her family first settled in Zfat after the Spanish Expulsion from Spain, who in the 19th century they moved from Zfat to Rosh Pinna. With such strong roots in the region, Maytal is very committed to it… after serving as an officer who helped soldiers from disadvantaged homes, Maytal has invested herself in educational work and serving youth in Hazor and Rosh Pinna.

We welcome Maytal as we say farewell to Bat El. We are glad to have our graduates back as leaders in the Partnership!

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