Ethnic Tourism Update


  • The Women Cooperative is meeting regularly, independently, promoting their social venture along empowerment circles they are running for themselves (always with good food on the table…).
  • Their primary work with us these days involve preparation to their work in PB Yom Ha’atsamut and related events. Nine women will be traveling to the community – as a decision was made by the women that no co-op member is left behind. In order to come up with the missing funds (close to 3,000) they both work and produce events to save the income and if needed – will pay equal participation fee. Smadar Kaplinski, has decided not to take money from the group for her work, but only from their income at the end of their Shlichut. She also intends on taking them to another community in US to produce events. They will be in PB between May 9th – 14th, and will stay in home hospitality.

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