New Vehicle Donated to Garin Ometz Akko’s Chesed Center

A new distribution vehicle, to serve volunteers at the Garin Ometz Chesed Center in Akko, was dedicated today in a gala ceremony at the Center – an initiative founded by the Ometz garin Torani in cooperation with the Akko Municipality. The new vehicle was donated by Henry Davis, a resident of Omaha, Nebraska, with assistance from the Jewish Agency’s Western Galilee Partnership. Ceremony participants included Akko Mayor Shimon Lankry, municipal Social Services Director Ayala Haviv, Garin Ometz CEO Yishai Rubin, partnership communities Director Beth Zuriel, Chesed Center director/city council member Dudi Abadi, and others.

“A city is judged on its ability to give hope to its less affluent populations, and a community volunteering project such as Garin Ometz’ Chesed Center is one shining example of this kind of activity,” said Mayor Shimon Lankry, who thanked the Partnership for its contribution to the Center and saluted the Chesed Center’s volunteer director for his extensive activity on behalf of needy families in the city.

The Chesed Center is one of the projects that the garin is operating in cooperation with Akko residents; it is an initiative aimed at providing assistance to the needy, and is run entirely by volunteers. Within the framework of the Center’s activity some 350 food packages are distributed each week to needy families, sick people, homebound elderly people, and needy people with disabilities. Additionally, over 750 sandwiches are distributed on school days to needy Akko schoolchildren. In advance of holidays food drives are conducted by the Center, in which over 900 food packages are distributed. “The new vehicle will be used daily by Center volunteers to distribute sandwiches to schools, to bring food to needy people with mobility problems who need food packages delivered to their homes, to collect food from the distribution centers and local businesses that cooperate with and support Chesed Center activity, and more. The donation of a vehicle is especially important to a center that is operated solely by volunteers, and we want to express our deepest thanks to the Western Galilee Partnership and to the generous donor for their most welcome assistance,” said Yishai Rubin.

Akko Municipality Spokesperson’s Office

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