20 Members of the Educators’ Kibbutz Registered as Akko Residents

20 members of the Dror Israel youth movement’s Educators’ Kibbutz, graduates of the HaNoar HaOved VeHaLomed youth movement, presented themselves late last week at the Ministry of the Interior office in Akko to have the address in their identification cards changed; they are now registered as Akko city residents. The event was held in the presence of Akko Mayor Shimon Lankry and Yisrael Ben Ezra, who has worked with the Educators’ Kibbutz since its arrival in Akko.

The kibbutz members, who moved to Akko a year and a half ago, serve as counselors in a variety of educational-social projects in the city (the Tsfarde’a Club in the Giborei Sinai neighborhood, the Ogen club in the city center, Ha’Jam Performance Club, etc.) and its environs. Their arrival has made it possible for the Educators’ Kibbutz, which was established 7 years ago, to further expand its already wide-ranging activity; the kibbutz currently numbers over 50 members (including two babies born during the last few months – true Akko natives).

The event constitutes yet another affirmation of commitment on the part of the Educators’ Kibbutz members, who see Akko as their home, hope to build their futures here, and are pleased by the kibbutz’ relationship of fruitful cooperation with the Akko Municipality.

In the words of Akko Mayor Shimon Lankry: “The members of the urban kibbutz are doing wonderful community work in Akko, and we would like to see Israeli society as a whole follow in their footsteps. We are giving them the platform and the opportunity to realize their potential through community work, and we can only welcome the fact that such a large number of members are active in Akko.”

 Sharon Dahan, Akko Municipality Spokesperson

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