Now We Know

After the Hanukah celebrations and the light of the 8 candles we were lucky to discover a ninth source of light – the meeting of our Partnership2Gether community.

It was a real celebration of joining – American and Israelis, Jews and a Druze, lay people and professionals.  About 90 people was also  an evening connecting between past and future for the evening took place in the Ghetto Fighters’ House museum.

Employees of the museum also participated.  We hosted guests from neighboring partnerships. The topic brought by Charles Pulman from Dallas was – Why Israel matters. Bamby Sheleg, a journalist from Jerusalem talked about the rifts in Israeli society that influence the image of us Israelis, not only in the world but also in the eyes of the Israelis themselves.

The two speakers made a very interesting picture in which Bambi’s suggestion to find a common denominator to work around and the difficulty in getting there combined by the confusion people outside of Israel have in understanding and discovering the real Israel. Both tackled the issue of being informed only by the extreme voices coming from extreme groups living in Israel.

It may be strange for Jews around the world to hear that Israelis need to hear – why Israel matters, why being Jewish is special and why it is up to us to keep the two going. For me – it is a legacy combined with a choice. For others, the younger generation – it may be a choice, an obligation?  Is it a matter of age? I hope not.

What became clear in the smaller groups was that we have a lot to think about and to discuss – in Israel itself and with our partners in the communities. This is what for me Partnership is – a wonderful floor to discuss, listen, discover through connecting and than making a difference.

What also made my day was that outside in the lobby the chai Shkalim fundraising was taking place. Any one entering the building was offered an opportunity to take part, almost everyone did. We made a nice contribution to partnership, but most important we gave people a chance to contribute an become aware of our activities in a very special evening. 

Tanja Ronen

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